Why I Am Thankful My Medical Expenses Increased

I’ve been wanting to commit myself to a blog for some time now, but it has just never “been the right time.” Have you ever made that excuse? Well, I have and not only on the blogging front. Truly, I might be a master procrastinator.

For over 15 years I have been trying to figure this whole “wellness” thing out. Being incredibly obese and clinically depressed in your early 20’s is a difficult starting place. Over the years, I have slowly progressed healthwise, eagerly reading and studying nutrition, health and wellness books, articles and blogs. I have come a LOOOONG way from where I was. Among other things, I have concluded that a person cannot truly be physically healthy if he or she takes prescription medicines. Doesn’t the mere fact that I’m taking any prescription medicines mean I’m sick? If I weren’t sick why would I need to continue to take them? They might make me feel better, but is the underlying cause being addressed? It has just never “been the right time” for me to make lifestyle changes so I can stop taking them (there’s that excuse again). Please understand I am not talking about life threatening conditions and I am working with my doctor (you should too if you are considering the same course). I have struggled with depression for most of my adult life; periodically on and off antidepressants. However, about 6 years ago I added Continue reading